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A zoo unlike any other.
This zoo is unusual as none of these animals were taken from the wild. They were either sick, to young to fend for themselves and adopted by the zoo, or showed up on their own. You will see them in their natural habitat. As you walk amongst the paths you may suddenly hear the howler monkey welcome you with it's deep guteral sounds.
Belize Zoo
The picture to the right is a mother Crocodile with babies on her back. What great moms
Belize Zoo

Belize has approximately 145 mammal species living within its boundaries. Mammals exist within all the different habitats of Belize, from the manatee and dolphins of the coastal zone, to the 5 different species of wildcat which live deep within the rainforests of the Maya Mountains.

The rainforest mammals of Belize tend to be very secretive and mostly nocturnal. This makes them extremely difficult to see. They usually see, hear, or smell you long before you see them. Rainforest mammals do not stand out in the open for easy viewing, but instead climb through the canopy or scurry over the forest floor well ahead of you. That is one reason the Belize Zoo is such a special place. Here you can see many of the rainforest species of Belize easilyThe picture to the left is the Tapir or Mountain Cow as locals call it and is Belize's National Animal.

The Belize Zoo has always had a strong collection of bird species. From parrots and macaws, to vultures and hawks, to wading birds, including the endangered Jabiru Stork. But besides the caged birds, the habitat around the zoo supports a variety of "free" birds thriving within the surrounding savanna habitat. The picture to the right is our national bird, the keel billed toucan.

The Belize Zoo supports a small display of the more common snakes of Belize including the most dangerous of Belizean snakes, the Fer-de-lance. The Zoo also makes frequent use of the harmless Boa Constrictor in its many environmental education programs.

Belize Zoo
Belize Zoo

Humans tend to have an irrational fear of snakes, while in reality, poisonous snakes are not frequently sighted. They tend to be secretive and nocturnal. The Belize Zoo education programs tend to focus on the positive aspects of snakes - they help to keep the population of far more prolific creatures (which are harmful to humans) like rats, mice and insects in check.

The Jungle Canopy Zip Line or Cave Tubing on Caves Branch River
or Horseback Tour can be combined with the Belize Zoo
or you can do these tours by themselves if you prefer

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