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** We offer a unique and private experience for a Belize Cruise Snorkel Excursion that cannot be matched. **

Snorkeling in Belize from a Cruise Ship is easily done.We have done this many times over the years.The biggest concern for many has been getting back to the ship tender (not missing the boat). In the 17 years we have been doing this it has never been a problem. We know through experience, knowledge and conversation your arrival time & departure time according to our time zone. We meet you when you arrive and ensure that we get you back in more than enough time. Cruise Ship Passengers looking for a special private Belize Shore Snorkeling Excursion is a reality and you can feel safe. Also, snorkeling is more fun when you have your own boat.

We never mix groups. Our Guide Johnny will be in the water with you for the tour. Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley are the two sites available and are world famous and the best sites. Fish are close and unafraid. They are so used to people that it is not uncommon for large fish to swim within inches of you. You can snorkel over schools of fish and they do not move. Sometimes it is possible to swim through a school of fish if you like to dive down.

Remember.. just your group alone on the boat and we arrange the air transfers for you.....

Snorkeling Shark Ray Alley BELIZEShark Ray Alley.
Belize CRUISE SHIP SNORKELING Excursions to Ambergris Caye
Here is how the trip works from your Cruise Ship...
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is 25 miles from where your cruise ship anchors. Once your ship is anchored in the Belize City Harbor the tenders will bring you to shore. A five minute taxi ride from the landing (a place called Tourism Village) takes you to the Belize City Municipal Airport.
From there you will board a Cessna aircraft at Tropic Airlines and take the 15-20 minute flight to San Pedro. These are newer modern Cessna aircrafts....very comfortable and safe planes. The flight is very scenic and sometimes you can see the shadows of animals swimming in the water below, so have your cameras ready!
The plane lands right in downtown San Pedro where we meet you (at the Tropic Air terminal) and take care of you from there. Once you book with us we will send reservation numbers and trip details over e-mail. After the trip you will be escorted back to the airport to meet your return flight.
We make all the arrangements and supply masks, snorkels, fins, floatation (for non or weak swimmers) and refreshments & snacks.
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Once your taxi takes you to Belize City Airport you will get on a TROPIC AIR Cessna aircraft and fly to San Pedro.
You will arrive at the San Pedro air terminal. Flight time is 15 to 20 minutes.
Wait in the waiting room and enjoy the beautiful aquarium for a few minutes. Jolene will find you there
The Dock where the boat will meet you is a few hundred feet from the airport and you will be walked to the boat.
Tropic Air San Pedro Belize Tropic Air terminal Outside
Tropic Air San Pedro terminal
Belize Snorkeling
It is a short 10 minute boat ride to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Shark Ray Alley located along the Belize Barrier Reef. No long boat rides.

How Much time in the water?
The snorkel trip is approximately 2.5 hours. The only limitations are based on the arrival and departure times of your Cruise ship. In our experience we have found that most people prefer to spend all their time in the water.

But, if you desire lunch before returning we will bring you back to
town in time to enjoy a meal at one of the several restaurants close to the drop off dock.
Flight times are determined by your ships schedule. All we need to know is what port your ship will start out from (Miami, New Orleans, Galveston?) Once we know this information we arrange the proper flight schedule based on BELIZE time to ensure you have plenty of time to get back for your ships tender. You only need to be at the airport 20 minutes before flight time. We have been doing this a long time so you can rest comfortable knowing you will have plenty of time to make the return tender to your ship along with an enjoyable, unrushed snorkel adventure.
Prices (in USD - taxes are included)
Price for 2 snorkelers - $300.00us per person
Price for 3 to 6 snorkelers -
$265.00us per person
Includes - round trip airfare, pick up and drop off at the San Pedro Airport, Snorkel gear (masks, fins & snorkels), floatation for those who are a little insecure in the water, snacks and cold bottled water. Two snorkel stops at Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Shark Ray Alley.
Does not include
- Taxi fare from the Belize City ships terminal to Municipal airport and return. This is normally about $10.00 US per person each way. Licensed taxi drivers have green licence plates. Confirm the rate with your taxi driver.
- The $10.00 US per person park fee at the Hol Chan marine reserve for those 12 years of age and older. This is the fee charged by the Hol Chan Marine Reserve to support the park. This needs to be brought in cash with bills in excellent condition.

NOTE- Pay Pal is not an option for Payment for cruise ship excursions

We Accept Visa or Master Card
Toll free at 1 888 273 9226 - Phone Number (from the US) -011 501 226 3420. - cell # 501 672 3377Leave message please if we do not answer.
Lorne / Jolene Jackson, 19 Fire Coral Street, PO Box 164, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize