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Private Snorkeling Tours & Night snorkeling tours (just your group on the boat)
Private Snorkeling Trips in Belize is better when you have your own boat. We are located in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize and provide private snorkel trips for your family or group (1 up to 6 persons) on your Belize Vacation.

Read about us on Trip Advisor. For 19 years we have done this ourselves. Now due to medical reasons we have decided to turn this part over to a friend we have known for sometime.

Our Guide
- Johnny is a mature experienced guide. Johnny is fun to be with, owns his own large boat with canopy and keeps it in great shape. He has a great personality and will be in the water with you.

All your trips with him will be private.
We don't mix groups. This is the policy of Grumpy and Happy. It is a different kind of Snorkel Company.

There has always been a demand for private charters for snorkeling that has not been met. Many have circumstances or medical conditions that makes it uncomfortable or not possible to be on a boat with strangers. We cannot emphasize enough the huge difference in your snorkeling experience having your own boat makes. No rushing, no crowding makes a more personable and relaxing adventure. You can take the time to socialize and get to know your guide.

Those with SPECIAL NEEDS. -- Assisting those with special needs has been a pleasure. We have been able to offer this adventure to many who would not be able to go on a crowded snorkel boat. We have had many with issues such as autism, cancer, elderly and so on. Please let us know the nature of the disability.

grumpy and happy belize snorkel boat
Grumpy and Happy Belize fishing guide
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We offer FULL and HALF Day PRIVATE snorkel trips from San Pedro Ambergris Caye Belize - Read Below
HALF DAY Trips listed below
Hol Chan Marine Park and Shark Ray Alley ---(half day)
Fish are fed here and not afraid of you. Close encounters are the norm. There's a variety of fish....too many species to list. You can expect to see large Groupers, Snappers, perhaps Eagle Rays, multitudes of small beautifully colored fish. There is ALOT of life in this reserve. Hol Chan is a natural break in the reef and as result attracts a wide variety of marine life.
Shark Ray Alley is a historic location where local fishermen in the past cleaned their catch of the day. This started the marine life hanging around the boats for scraps.
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Belize Hol Chan Marine Park and Shark Ray Alley
Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Belize Snorkeling
Mexico Rocks
Mexico Rocks ---(half day)
Mexico Rocks is 7 Miles north of San Pedro Town center. It is a large coral area close to the reef. You can expect to see nice corals here as well as a variety of smaller reef fish. Because it is further from town (north) it is generally less busy.
Many have appreciated this in the past. This area has recently been included as a protected Marine reserve. There have been sightings of larger animals such as nurse sharks and rays showing up here as well.
Coral Forest in combination with Shark Ray Alley, ---- (half day)

Coral Forest and Shark Ray Alley are not too far from each other.

Coral Forest is a very beautiful site very near to Shark Ray Alley. Corals there are different and beautiful. This is a huge area and is worth spending the 1/2 day exploring it. The boat would need to be anchored, and as a result this tour is only an option on very good weather days, minimal wind. The decision to go there is made by your guide and if the weather does not work then the alternative would be Hol Chan Cut and then Shark Ray Alley This site was damaged after hurricane KEITH in the year 2000. But what a treat and learning experience to see what can happen in the years since. Well worth the visit if the weather allows.
Coral Forest is a large patch of coral in the vicinity of Shark Ray Alley. Large and small creatures have been spotted here but the coral is the highlight.
Coral Forest is weather dependant as it is out in the open and not protected by the reef and we anchor there.

Night Snorkel Tours
Snorkeling at night is a different experience. Many nocturnal animals may show themselves and corals feed at night. The experience is UNIQUE to say the least. Start time depends on time of year ( when the sun goes down)
RATES - Half Day trips
$320US plus12.5% tax of $40.00 = $360US
Price is the same for 1 up to 6 snorkelers in your personal group (group rate) . Price Includes masks, fins,snorkels, and floatation for non or weak swimmers, snacks and bottled water on ice. For Mexico Rocks, Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley there is a $10.00 US per person park fee for those 12years of age and older.
RATES - Night Snorkeling

$384US plus12.5% tax of $48.00 = $432.00US
Price is the same for 1 up to 6 snorkelers in your personal group (group rate) . Price Includes masks, fins,snorkels, and floatation for non or weak swimmers, snacks and bottled water on ice.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley and Mexico Rocks on the same day
Visiting Hol Chan and Mexico Rocks on the same day with lunch in between. Each pays for their own lunch. This would be done as a half day Charter to Hol Chan and Shark ray Alley, lunch, then another half day charter at Mexico Rocks. If you think you would enjoy a private full day...great! The Picture to the right was taken on one of these trips.

Mexico Rocks is a beautiful Snorkel area located 7 miles north of San Pedro Town. This is great fun because this area is huge and offers so much to explore. Because this area is more remote there are not as many people that visit it. We have often found ourselves alone and that is nice.

Green Turtel and Southern Stingray
Caye Caulker Manatee full day trip

Visit Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley and then enjoy a lunch and a little shopping at Caye Caulker. (everybody pays for their own lunch).
Caye Caulker is a small town located on an island that is 7 miles to our south. This is a small rustic community with dirt roads and fun shopping opportunities. Also has some great outdoor restaurants on the beach. Your guide may have some recommendations. This is your opportunity to visit Caye Caulker and combine it with a great snorkel trip.
Caye Caulker is what San Pedro looked like before all the development. A fun place to spend about 2 hours.
There are manatees in the Caye Caulker area. If you are interested in visiting them as part of the trip.. ask in advance of the trip. They are free ranging though so no promises.

Caye Caulker Belize
Caye Caulker
RATES - Full Day Trips
$640US plus12.5% tax of $80.00 = $720US
Price is the same for 1 up to 6 snorkelers in your personal group (group rate) . Price Includes masks, fins,snorkels and floatation for non or weak swimmers, snacks and bottled water on ice. For Mexico Rocks, Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley there is a $10.00 US person park fee for those 12years of age and older


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