Belize Private Snorkel Tours. Belize Private tours to the mainland, Mayan Ruins, Cave Tubing, Zip Line, Zoo, and Horseback ridin
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Belize Zoo
Horseback Riding
Good condition please
exchange rate
US cash in GOOD CONDITION (not worn out, torn even to the slightest degree or inked) is accepted and even preferred over local currency. The rate is $1.00 US dollar = $2.00 Belize dollars. This never changes.
The local banks have let local business know that they will not accept any US Currency from local business that is WORN AND TORN OR INKED in any way and to inspect currency before accepting it. This means that local business will not accept described US currency from you if in poor condition.
Sun protection in Belize
Rash guards or sunscreen is highly recommended and should be worn when snorkeling. Even T shirts work well for sun protection. Avoid placing sun screen around the eyes where the snorkel mask would be. This can sting when it mixes with the ocean water.
When emailing us please include your home/ cell/ evening phone number. This is helpful as sometimes we need to call customers to clarify some issue or question. This will be kept private and if we call you it will be at our expense. It is always nice but not necessary to hear from our customers when they get here. Call after 5 at 226 3420 we are usually on the water during the day.
Email is best. We answer every email within one day. but we do have a toll free number that works 99% of the time - 1 888 273 9226. If this does not work try 011 501 226 3420
If you are in San Pedro, you can call us locally at 226 3420. Please leave a message with contact information if we do not answer. In the end we will always need an email as this how we keep records.
We never send canned emails. We answer everyone with a personal email.
Drinks and Snacks
Belize snorkeling
We supply at no extra charge, masks, fins, flotation, snorkels, snacks (cookies, crackers, fruit as available) as well as bottled water on ice. We do not supply wetsuits or towels.

It is nice to bringing your own gear but If you have brand new masks please note that new masks come with a protective manufacturers coating on the lenses.This causes them to fog up. If you are bring your own mask, and it's brand new, make sure to scrub the glass, (inside and outside surfaces) with a fine steel wool (such as brillo) to get the manufacturers protective film off. Another choice for cleaning is to use a tooth polishing tooth paste.

Please let us know what resort you are at and which name the room is registered to.
Finding resorts with a phone is helpful in booking your tours and other needs. Having internet is very nice. Some do not have either. YOU NEED TO ASK. Also if you are staying a long way from town we will not be able to come for you (inquire). You would need to get into San Pedro to meet us. Many do this. Also if you do not have phone service at your resort, renting a cell phone when you arrive is a good idea. But for us and our business, in town or south of town is easier.

Whether we can pick up or drop off for snorkeling tours depends and where you are staying. If you desire to work with us we suggest accommodation in town or south of town.
Generally, Trips to Hol Chan reserve/Shark Ray Alley (which is south of town) from those resorts located north of San Pedro may need to get to San Pedro Town for pick up and drop off either by resort transportation or water taxi.
For those staying north of town that want to go to Mexico Rocks area (a site north of town) we can come for you at your resort. Please ask by email if not sure.

If there are special needs such as gluten sensitivity, allergies and so on. Please let us know and we will try to accommodate in our selection of snacks. This is not always easy here so best to bring with you.
If you have suggestions about information that would be helpful on this page please let us know
Toll free at 1 888 273 9226 - Phone Number (from the US) -011 501 226 3420. - cell # 501 672 3377Leave message please if we do not answer.
Lorne / Jolene Jackson, 19 Fire Coral Street, PO Box 164, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize