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We define Special Needs as follows...those that have medical or personal reasons which make them unwilling to get on a boat with strangers or those that would be challenged by an uncomfortable means of getting into and out of the boat. Our ladder is a special design and easy to use.

When it comes to people with special needs we have found that 3 things are important. One is the ability to get in and out of the boat. Second is compassion for those that need special attention and third the quality of our gear and having aids on the boat for those that need them (such as flotation for non swimmers) Helping those with special needs is something we enjoy and understand. No one needs to be concerned or embarrassed about any special need. We have been of help to the sick, the elderly, those with small children, the handicapped, non swimmers, folks with bowel and bladder issues and many others. Even folks that are simply afraid of the fish. Whatever the reason, we want to create a more relaxed atmosphere and this can be done on a private boat.
We ask that you inform us fully of your special need in order to determine if we can be of service.

Our Grumpy and Happy Snorkel boat is modern and comfortable. It has a great ladder and a Sun cover

The decision will depend on the nature of the need or disability. We cannot promise that we will take everyone that has a special need but we will do our best. Considerations are family support and our abilities.
People with special needs can be assured that Jolene and I will treat them with a mature level of care and understanding. We have taken great joy in this part of our business.

We are both certified in First Aid and CPR and are also ex dive instructors. We have a mature attitude and love helping people to enjoy and experience those trips that would be difficult on a boat filled with people they don't know.
Getting in and out of a boat for many had been problem. Struggling up a poorly designed ladder on a boat with people you do not know is not a pleasant experience and can be embarrassing. We have learned that this one obstacle has kept many from enjoying the snorkel experience. We have done our best to remove this obstacle.

Because all our trips are private charter (just you and us on the boat), you will be on the boat with people you know and are comfortable with. The ladder we have designed and built makes the entries and exits to/from the water easy and stress free.
Many boat ladders have a steep angle going into the water. This means that you may find yourself falling back off the ladder while trying to get back on the boat. This is very uncomfortable and may Many boat ladders do not go deep enough into the water or they have narrow or round steps the hurt the feet. The ladder on Grumpy & Happy goes  deep into the water with 6 full steps. It is held out from the side of the boat with a support. This means that coming up this ladder is more like climbing stairs, and less like climbing a steep or vertical ladder. The lowest step is easy to put your foot on.The steps are very wide and comfortable. There is a grab handle on both sides of the ladder to pull yourself up with both hands
This ladder has wide comfortable steps that go deep into the water. Note  the 2 grab handles and also note the comfortable angle of the ladder Grumpy and Happy's Ladder has wide steps going deep into the water
Our boat is a 26 foot MAKO and has two NEW Evinrude 200 Hp Engines. Ladder has wide steps and goes deep into the water to make entry into and out of the boat very easy. The boat is equipped with life jackets, a first Aid kit and we are both certified Dive Instructors and First Aid Instructors .
Toll free at 1 888 273 9226 - Phone Number (from the US) -001 501 226 3420. - Leave message please if we do not answer.
Lorne / Jolene Jackson, 19 Fire Coral Street, PO Box 164, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize